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Carers 4 Kids is distinguished by our experienced and compassionate team, personalised care plans, and a commitment to enhancing the well-being and development of children with special needs. Our holistic approach ensures the best possible care, and matching the most suitable SEN carers, for every child we support.

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Employ or hire Support Workers with specialist condition experience. Find the support you need by enquiring today.

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 We can match SEN carers and nannies carefully with your requirements, so they will be able to support families and children whatever their needs might be.

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Specific care conditions we specialise in:

  • Cerebral Palsy: Helping families and children in all aspects of their lives.
  • Epilepsy: Managing seizures, administrating emergency medication.
  • Autism: Help children manage their emotions and make sense of their environment.
  • ADHD: Set routines can make a difference to how your child copes with everyday life. Plan the day so your child knows what to expect.
  • Learning difficulties: Providing understanding, support and patience, use clear and simple language, encourage independence.
  • Physical disabilities: Providing various care needs and physical help.
  • Challenging behaviours: Making sure your child is engaged, motivated and supported in their learning or activity, while being consistent, fair and respectful, using a calm voice, praise and encouraging positive behaviour and achievements.



What are our finders' fees?

Basic Service for Case Managers and Management Companies:

£600.00 + VAT per vacancy/advert
With this option, Carers4kids will advertise your vacancy (our website and other job advertising websites) and send you cv of all applicants who applied for this vacancy. 

All adverts will be live for 4 weeks. To extend the advert for a further 4 weeks/and or make changes: £200.00.

Shortlist Service for Case Managers and Management Companies: £1,200.00 + VAT per placement. With this option, Carers4kids will speak with all applicants and confirm they meet essential criteria for the job. We will then send shortlisted candidates to you. 


15% discount is applicable when we are asked to recruit for more than one position (for the first placement the usual placement fee applies, any additional placements attract a 15% discount). This discount only applies if all positions are recruited for the same client and within the same recruitment period.

10% discount is applicable to returning clients.
Only one discount can be applied at any one time.

All fees are subject to VAT where applicable
The fees above are effective on 1st January 2024, subject to change.

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