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Carers 4 Kids are actively seeking specialist carers and nannies. If you have experience, the right attitude, and a desire to make a real difference in a child's quality of life, we would like to hear from you. As a special needs care agency in Kent, serving across the UK, we give carers access to a wide range of well-paid work opportunities. Once you send us your details, we will endeavour to match you to a family, creating a profile for you so potential clients can assess if you will be a match. Click here to get started on finding your new carer role.

How we will match you

Interview: We will talk with you either in person or via Zoom, to see what your preferred roles may be, and find out a little more about your personality, experience and qualifications, to ensure you will be a suitable special needs carer. We will also carry out a full DBS check.

Create profile: Once you are happy to work with us, and vice versa, we will make you a profile and list you with our carers. This gives you the opportunity to pair with potential clients as they request a match. There are no fees due from you for this service.

Please note: As a care agency in Kent, we cannot help with applications for work visas.

Carers 4 Kids are recruiting for

  • SEN nannies / mannies
  • Support workers
  • Team leaders
  • Personal assistance
  • Waking, sleeping and on-call carers
  • Nursery, school, college supports

We offer the following types of employment:

  • Permanent
  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Temporary
  • Bank Contract (zero hours)
  • Self-employed roles

Type of care contacts we offer

Hourly day care: Support worker for specific hours in the day
Hourly night care: Awake night care
Overnight care / on-call: Sleeping carer, available when needed
Live-in care: Full-time live-in carers


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