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Our experienced SEN Nannies and Mannies are dedicated to providing personalised care for children with special educational needs (SEN). With a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate approach, our caregivers create a nurturing environment that supports the unique requirements of each child. Our staff play a crucial role in providing specialised care and support to children with special educational needs. Their responsibilities go beyond traditional childcare, as they cater to the unique requirements and challenges faced by children with various disabilities.

Superb carers for amazing young people

We match the right carer to the right child and ensure they can tailor their care to meet the specific needs of that child. They will develop a deep understanding of the child's abilities, challenges, and preferences to provide personalised and effective support. They will also assist with daily activities, promote social interaction, and ensure that the child can participate in various experiences while considering any sensory sensitivities or physical limitations. Our services are intended to be completely bespoke to the child.






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